Song of the Week: Miss Piggy Edition

It hasn’t felt much like Christmas yet.

Which, yeah, I know. It’s TOMORROW.

It’s on a Wednesday, which doesn’t help. The Real Job has been nuts, which doesn’t help. I’ve been writing nonstop, which doesn’t help. Brain filled to every nook and cranny with words and characters and plot and swirl and omg when will the end come??


When you were a kid, there was always a slowdown before Christmas. A pause, a deep breath. The moment after the first sip of hot cocoa, when everything is warm and savory and right. Now, the days go by faster, and the world never really stops spinning.

Fortunately, though, there is one lady who can always get me in the Christmas spirit. Or should I say — one pig.

My BFF Mary and her family introduced me to John Denver and the Muppets. As kids, we walked around her house at Christmastime, singing this song in rounds — Mary, her mom and me. And now I’ll sing it with whoever will join in. With proper Muppet voices. Duh.

Tonight after I get off work, I’m going to crank this jam and try to rewire my brain. If only for the next 24 hours. After all, there’s only one time of year where I get an excuse to sing along with Miss Piggy.

In the meantime: