Oh thank sweet baby jesus the 2nd draft is done

I finished. It’s done. 33 chapters. 84,681 words. I ended up rewriting the entire last third of the book. It took me far too long (three years OMG IT TOOK ME THREE YEARS) and it induced all the rage but it is done.

I’ve gotta say, based on this experience? Second draft = WAY harder than the first.

Is it any good? I’m not sure yet. My eyeballs are spent, I need a new pair.

But it’s done. The 2nd draft is done. After a long nap and several drinks… it’s onto the next step.

I Did It

Two and a half years.

191 pages.

93,290 words (24,000 of which were written in the past 30 days).

It is done. I met the goal that I set in January — finishing my first draft by the end of 2013.

I typed that. Me. After typing EVERYTHING ELSE.
I typed that. Me. After typing EVERYTHING ELSE.

This is the longest, most complex, most frustrating, and most rewarding project I’ve worked on so far. It’s taught me a lot about writing, about storytelling, about how I work best. It has taken everything — and I mean everything — out of me this past month, but now it is done.

For now. For better or worse, this process has really just begun. There will be revisions — oooh, will there be revisions. But it’s time for a breather. This is a big milestone, and I’m going to celebrate.

2013, man. You’ve been one hell of a year.