The Inner Monologue

Sweet. No plans for the evening. You know what that means? WRITING NIGHT. Hot damn I’m gonna get so much done. I’m gonna write 500 words in the book, edit that short story, get a blog post drafted. I’ll get home, eat a quick dinner, and get writing. No distractions. I won’t even turn the TV on. I’ll unplug the internet. I will just write. It’ll be great. I’m awesome and this is gonna be awesome.

Ok, work day over. Time to catch the bus. I’m gonna get home, feed the cats, make myself some — oh my god why is it so hot on this bus I am LITERALLY dying. Literally. And why am I suddenly starving? I ate an apple right before leaving work. I do that specifically so I won’t die of starvation and heat stroke on the bus. Forget it, this is it. I’m nauseous. I will never make it. I WILL DIE ON THIS —

Oh thank god it’s my stop. Ok, we made it. To the writing!

Argh. There’s no food in this house. What am I supposed to eat?? I mean, I have to work, I have to be creative, I can’t be expected to feed myself. Maybe I should order pizza. Maybe I should eat out. Sweet baby Jesus tacos sound good. I should go to the Mexican place and get tacos and maybe a margarita and —

Pull it together, woman. You can make a quesadilla. You have the technology. That’ll work. Great thinking, boss.

… I probably need a beer with this quesadilla. I mean, that’s the right thing to do. It’s the patriotic thing to do. And I need to do something while I eat… You know, I’ll just watch one episode of Game of Thrones. No, not even one full episode. Just a half hour. Plenty of time for my brain to chillax, and still plenty of time to write afterwards. I mean, I did go to work today. I worked a full 8 hours. My brain needs to relax and unwind. I deserve it.

Wow. Cersei is such a badass. I mean, she’s also kind of evil? Is it wrong that I like her character so much? I mean, undeniably a badass. And she was kind of dealt a rough card, what with her father and Robert and that shit of a son —

Oh my god. I just sat in front of the TV for an hour. And am pressing play for a second episode. NO! Turn OFF, evil Xbox! You have no power over me! TO THE WRITING. To the computer! There’s still plenty of time to…

Oh shit. I forgot about this bill sitting on the desk. Ok, I’ll just pay this bill and then… ok, that’s done. Now really! To the writing!

… I should probably check my email first. I haven’t checked it in several hours. Something important could have come through. Something urgent.

… Nope. Nothing urgent. Well, that’s good! That means I can start writing! ONWARD!

Shoot. I forgot to Google “burnt leaf edges on maples” earlier today. I need to do that. I mean, if I don’t check now, the maple in the front yard could die. I’d be really sad if it died, especially since we planted the damn thing and nursed it and YOU WILL NOT DIE ON ME! TO THE GOOGLES!

… Huh, ok. Apparently we’re doing exactly what we should be doing with the maple. That’s good. Great.

Ok, to the writing! Word doc — open. Check. Now to just re-read what I last wrote, get re-acquainted… oh my God, I wrote that? That’s… that’s not good. That just doesn’t seem in line at all with that character. I should probably rework that…


Here we go. Typing words… oh hey! Byron just got home! I should go say hi to Byron… NO I’M SORRY I CANNOT TALK TO YOU, I AM WRITING!

Back to it. Here we… shit. It’s 9 o’clock. How did it get to be 9 o’clock? I have to get ready for bed soon. I have to wake up at 5 to go running. If I don’t go to bed soon I won’t get 8 hours of sleep and then I’ll be a miserable wreck at work tomorrow and no, it won’t be the end of the world but it’ll be awful and…

Ok. Calm down. There’s still time. Just write…

Sweet! I got a paragraph written! You know, that looks like a pretty damn good paragraph. I am pleased with this paragraph. And it’s 9:30 now, so you know, I should probably shut it down for the night. But I’m pleased with this. We did alright. A good night’s work, self. A good night’s work.

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