Rambler Update: OMG NEW COUCH

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Rambler update. Small little developments, all adding up… a bathroom fan finally installed, the beginning of the hammock colony, the slow and steady weed invasion taking over the backyard…

Oh who am I kidding. All I really want to talk about is NEW COUCH NEW COUCH NEW COUCH.

You see, friends, we’ve had this one couch for 4 years. This one couch? I hate this couch. It is green and it is leather and the stuffing keeps trying to come out and the cushions NEVER stay put (in fact, they actively slide out as you are sitting on the couch). Anyone who has ever come to our house and sat on this couch has also hated it. And sleeping on it? Remember those sliding-out cushions? HAHAHA YOUR CUSHIONS CAME OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Joke’s on you. In fact, the only GOOD thing about this couch is our cat likes to sleep on the cushions. So, green-leather couch = cat-approved, NOT human-approved.

Two cats on couch.
Cats on the green leather couch. AKA, the only thing it has going for it.

But it was also a FREE couch. So for 4 years we made it work.


Mid-century modern couchLOOK AT THAT! LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BEAST OF A COUCH! An amazing Craigslist find by my internet-scouring husband. It is so long that there is 25 feet* between man and cat (*may be a slight exaggeration). It has cushions that stay put and it is not GREEN LEATHER.

It probably seems silly and materialist, but getting a couch that we actually like — that was not a hand-me-down — seems like such a great step forward towards feeling like an actual functioning adult.

I also fear New Couch may be a huge step backwards on the sloth-like tendencies. But I don’t even care. I am gonna lounge so hard on this thing.

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