Can you pretend that the soundtrack to this post is Usher’s Confessions? Mmmkay thanks.

I haven’t done laundry in over a week. Which, you know, not a big deal! Exceeeept I have no clean clothes. Every morning is a scavenger hunt for something to wear (today’s outfit brought to you by the laundry hamper!). The washing machine is literally 20 feet from where the dirty clothes are, yet somehow this distance is too epic to overcome.

I haven’t been writing as much as I should be this past month. And nope, I can’t even try to come up with an excuse for that. Just a serious case of “meh” whenever I sit down to the computer.

We completed a BIG house project this weekend. I had a big blog post planned for it, too. And then… I dunno. Does anyone actually care about French drainage? I’m not convinced. But it was a big thing that took up literally the entire weekend and left us both drained for the week ahead (my husband more so than me, as he admittedly did the brunt of the work).

(Speaking of literally — you heard they’re amending the dictionary definition? I can’t even.)

I’ve been reading a REALLY good book (Flesh and Blood, if you’re interested). But the problem with me and really good books is they tend to swallow me whole. I get lost in the characters, the place, the time. I end up living in my own brain and not, you know, in the world, where all the people reside. A coworker asked me the other day if I were ok; apparently I had this weird, blank expression on my face. Yup, good. Just, you know… lost in the mind-grapes.

This is all to say that this week, you guys, I’m drawing blanks. I’ve been self-diagnosed with the “blahs”. The reservoir is drained — and right now, that’s not an option. There are projects lined up, works I’m eager to finish. I need a reset, a small jaunt away from reality. (Which, fortunately, is on the horizon…)

How do you fill the tank when you’re feeling drained? I love me some coffee, but these mornings, it ain’t doing the trick.

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