“Happy Valentime’s!”

I know it’s gotten totally cliché to rant and say you hate Valentine’s, so I’ll simply state that I’m not a fan. As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about Valentine’s Day is the 30 Rock episodes that have come out of it. But other than that… yeah, I’m good. I’m just not super thrilled about Red and Pink deciding to throw a month-long kegger and then proceeding to puke on everything in sight.

But in an effort not to be a weird bitter misanthrope (constant battle, yay!), I’m going to take this Hallmark-Holiday opportunity to list some of the things for which I’m grateful. And every time I see Cupid wings today, I will bite my tongue and mentally add to the list.

  • My writing group members, who always provide great feedback and support (and the occasional kick in the ass).
  • My blonde BFF, the yang to my yin, who pushes and challenges me.
  • This 30 Rock clip:


  • My husband, for making me breakfast tacos every Saturday morning.
  • Quiet mornings with a moment for myself.

Fellow Valentine’s non-fans, I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE. Join me in some gratitude   What are you grateful for right now?

3 thoughts on ““Happy Valentime’s!”

  1. Don’t worry I will wear enough red and pink and say mushy things for the both of us. Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my first Valentine’s! xoxo.

  2. I’m also a non-fan of this Holiday. It’s my least favorite Holiday. Being that I use to work as a florist has also effected how I feel about this holiday. I also generally just don’t feel lovey dovey this time of year. Being that I live in Minnesota, Feburary is the most dreadful month. Everyone is tired of the snow and wishing they could walk in the sunshine without being completely bundle up from head to toe. With that said I’m grateful my husband’s skillet and grilling skills and chasing around my son. I’m also grateful that my husbands back surgery will allow him to enjoy life more in a couple of months!

    1. That’s a good point about it being in February–I often feel like I’m still recovering from the holidays this time of year. Adding another “celebration” into the mix doesn’t thrill me.

      Skillet and grilling skillz sound AMAZING. And I hope the back surgery went well!

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