Temptation, Distraction & Nick Offerman

One of my tips is get a hobby [….] putting your phone down and doing something with your hands, so that at the end of two hours you have a tangible result to your time. You’ve still been distracting yourself, by knitting or cooking or playing music, but you’ve created something instead of played Words with Friends for two hours. – Nick Offerman

Oldie but a goodie. There is so much I love about this GQ&A with Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson). Also, side note, I am mildly obsessed with his tables.

This is something I’ve been working on lately — resisting temptation. Unfortunately, I don’t even mean temptation in an interesting/exotic/scandalous way. My temptations exist in the form of Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, KITTENS ON THE INTERNETZ. And of course the mundane tasks required to keep a household going… cooking, cleaning, laundry (and yet somehow I still never manage to FOLD said laundry…hmmm…).

That time I spend doing THOSE things? Could be spent MAKING something. My goal this year — write for at least 30 minutes every day. But really? Can we be honest? That’s pathetic. I’m a writer, writing is kind of what I’m supposed to do. And yes, technically, I write for hours and hours every day as part of my job. But I need to get better about setting time aside for MY writing. That book I’ve been working on for, oh, A YEAR AND A HALF? I COULD finish it writing 30 minutes a day, but that’d take about as long as a sloth attack.

On the positive side — since I gave myself this goal, I HAVE been fairly good about getting my 30 minutes in. One thing that’s helped: the Lift app. I feel ridiculous needing what amounts to a game in order to get my shit together…but if it works, it works. Once I start consistently doing my 30 minutes a day, I’m going to up that number. WATCH OUT, 60 MINUTES, HERE I COME!

How are YOUR goals going? Misery loves company. Tell me your struggles, denizens of the interwebs. We can do this together (perhaps with the help of a few apps).

6 thoughts on “Temptation, Distraction & Nick Offerman

  1. I use to be able to illustrate an illustration in a day. But now, after having a kid, it’s slowed to an illustration a month…if I’m lucky. I think about illustration a lot while watching my little Nix Nooks, but find it hard to find time to really devote to my illustration. I’m working on a children’s book that I wrote already and my goal is to have it done by next year. Normally I could get a children’s book done in three months. A year seems like a long time, but the rate in going I may need longer. :/

    1. I have no idea how parents manage to find time for…well, anything. I’m only responsible for cats and I can barely get my act together some days!

      A year may seem like a long time, but I think that’s a pretty reasonable goal. Especially for a BOOK! Do you write it as well as illustrate?

  2. My problem is that my main hobbies are either expensive (shopping) or involve the internet (blogging), which makes me feel like a lazy-butt. So, this year, I’ve resolved to start running (which I’m now doing thanks to your app suggestion — man, you’re flush with ’em!) and reading more books (I canceled my New Yorker subscription so that I won’t have its beastliness as an excuse anymore). So far so good!

    1. Yeah, the computer-based hobbying is a problem for me, too. I try to switch it up by handwriting (which at least gets me away from the computer screen)–but still, HELLO COUCH POTATO. I need to get my running act back together! Then we can race each other in a 5k (spoiler alert, I’ll lose).

  3. Dude. From what I know about mobile apps, games are a huge motivator for people. Also, you know I hear ya on the writing for work / writing for pleasure. #word

    1. #wordnerd

      The sad thing is? I’ve also added “Floss” to this app. That one is unfortunately not going as well…

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